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#GroupShot: The new GQB tradition by TWC


Tomorrow night at Guerrilla Queer Bar we launch a new tradition: The 9:30pm #GroupShot. It’s our newest way of forming insta-regaytionships. Here’s how it works: The takeover begins at 9pm. At around 9:25 whisper something gay to the bartender, like “Cuervo straight up” or “sex on the beach” and then join the circle. We’ll toast, we’ll drink, and we’ll immediately start making out with the person to our right. Just kidding…it’ll be the person to our left.

So. Tomorrow night. GQB. Kitty O’Sheas. Faneuil Hall. Starting line forms at 9pm. #GroupShot at 9:30.

Let’s take s#!t over. 

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