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Facebook chat for TWC newbies on 11/19


Who is The Welcoming Committee? What happened to Guerrilla Queer Bar? How can I find out where all of the gays are? These are questions that you probably ask yourself every hour of every day. It’s ok. Lots of people do it. We’re here to help.

Daniel Heller, Founder of Guerrilla Queer Bar and The Welcoming Committee (TWC) and Ashley Lucas, TWC’s Community Manager will be at your perfectly manicured fingertips for a Facebook chat session on Monday, November 19th from 12pm to 1pm E.S.T. It’s sort of like chatting with The New York Times, only with more Drag Race memes and U-haul jokes.

To join in, go to our Facebook page here and ask us questions as soon as we get the glitter ball rolling at noon.