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The Foxwoods Takeover

When I find out TWC launched their second annual Foxwoods takeover and Kathy Griffin is performing AGAIN, I’m all


So I was getting ready to go to the Foxwoods takeover pre-party, and I couldn’t help but think…


But then I show up and everyone has their glitter guns blazing, so we pretty much become friends immediately


At first I’m like, “OMG, I wish I were going with a friend,” but then I see how many people are traveling solo at the pre-party and I’m all


A few days before the big weekend, everyone starts using the group chat that TWC sent out and I’m getting really excited


Until finally the day is here, and I fly out of bed, ready to go on an adventure


I get to South Station on Saturday afternoon and look around for everyone


Until I get on the bus, see all my new friends from the pre-party, and someone hands me a beer and a survival kit 


I heard that last year Kathy Griffin gave a shout-out to TWC, so on the bus we all take selfies to tweet at her


When we get to Foxwoods, we check into the nicest hotel in the resort, the MGM Grand…


And after putting our bags in our room, we head down to meet the troops at the first bar


After a few drinks I grab all my new friends and head over to the dinner buffet, included in the trip


And then we head to another bar to pre-game for the Kathy Griffin show


Then we head to see Kathy at the MGM Grand Theater, which is basically downstairs from our hotel rooms


Kathy performs.  Glitter rains down from the sky.



After laughing so hard that we get a serious ab workout, we head to our rooms to change


And then head to Shrine, Foxwoods’ hottest nightclub, where we dance and drink the rest of the night away


Finally, I’m exhausted, and I head up to bed


In the morning I wake up and head down to breakfast to talk about everything that happened the night before


And then we get back on the bus for another party ride back to Boston


Just kidding.  It’s actually a lot more like


November 9th & 10th. Join the rest of the troops here.

Best Place To… Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day


So, September 18 (next Wednesday, if you have trouble counting) is National Cheeseburger Day, so of course we had to announce the best cheeseburger in Boston.  The problem?  After sampling several hundred cheeseburgers, we couldn’t decide on the best one.  Also, we were so full that we couldn’t even type.  So, we asked our esteemed Corps members about their favorite burgers, and here are their answers:


Antigoni says, “Coming from a foodie, and ridiculous burger fiend, I’d say Ten Tables cheeseburger takes the cake. Local grass-fed beef, cheddar, caramelized onions, house sauce…farm fresh egg just oozing out. All on a pretty little bun. Tears. Oh, and they have Beerger Mondays.  Oh, and the spicy jalapeno cheeseburger from Tasty Burger at 2:30am after GQB in Fenway.”


Andrew says, “R.F. O’Sullivan’s in Somerville has over 25 burgers with amazing toppings, and all burgers are made with freshly ground sirloin.  The place has a bunch of accolades too, and has been featured on Phantom Gourmet.”


Coco says, “Uburger at the Curry Center at Northeastern University makes the best burger on campus (and in the area).  Just make sure you have a significant amount of time, because it will take a solid 10-15 minutes to get your burger.  Fun stuff: a burger on a salad. I know I like my salads to come with burgers on them.”

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The Weekly Pineapple

The weekend starts tonight this week with a hopsy Wednesday Bonus!  Check out what’s in store for Boston:

  • Wednesday Bonus: Backlash Beer is turning 2, and they’re celebrating with (surprise!) beer!  Be the first to try their new Outbreak Imperial IPA or just sample their other great ales and food pairings.  7-10pm, Tommy Doyle’s Harvard Square, 96 Winthrop St., Cambridge, free.

  • Thursday: New York may have cancelled Fashion Night Out, but Boston is keeping up the traditions with Back Bay Night Out tomorrow.  Businesses on Newbury Street, Boylston Street, Copley Place, and the Prudential Center will have special deals, tastings, and gifts. 5pm, Back Bay, Boston, free.

  • Friday: Tango aficionados and hopeless romantics should head over to Weeks Bridge, where the Tango Society of Boston gives tango lessons and demonstrations under the name Tango by Moonlight. 7-11pm, Weeks Bridge, Cambridge, free.

  • Saturday: As if you didn’t have enough reasons to visit the Taza Chocolate Factory, every Saturday in September they’re having a pop-up pastry shop featuring local celebrity chefs.  This weekend’s guest will be Nicole Rhode of Flour Bakery.  Chocolate and pastries?  We don’t think it could get any better.  10:30am-1pm, 561 Windsor St., Somerville, free.

  • Sunday: Explore three awesome cities in a few short hours on the Red Line Ride, a crawl through some awesome neighborhoods with giveaways, food, music, and more food.  It’s not like you don’t spend half your weekend on the red line, anyways, right? 12pm, Downtown Crossing, Boston, free.

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Shit Gays Should Know

Patrons at Giovanni's Room, the nation's oldest continuously operating LGBT bookstore, greeting owner Ed Hermance (center) in 2008. The Center City shop, which just marked its 40th year, is going on the block. Story, B3.

Giovanni’s Room, founded in 1973 on South Street in Philadelphia, is the oldest continuously operating queer bookstore in the country and is now up for sale.  Ed Hermance, who has run the store for 37 years, hopes to keep the business open under a new owner, but will have to sell it completely if no one steps up.  Anyone looking to go into the book business?

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TWC takes over The Donkey Show in Boston


On September 28th, at 10:30pm, we remind The Oberon that a disco-ball-gogo-dancing inspired version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream was secretly always built for us. Welcome to The Donkey Show.

Here’s how to get your discounted tickets:

1. Go here.
2. Enter promo code “TWCpineapples” to get $15.00 off (and, BONUS, they’ve removed all services fees).
3. Pick either the Dance Floor (Standing) ticket option or Tables option:

4. Select the number of tickets you want under Ticket Quantity.

5. Buy your tickets.
6. Begin outfit selection.
7. Join the takeover pre-party at Grafton Street Pub in Harvard Square (map) from 9 to 10pm.

Have no idea what The Donkey Show is? Click here and be glittered.

Five Things You Shouldn’t Have Missed (And One You Should’ve)

This weekend was pretty overwhelming, what with an epic GQB at Tequila Rain in Boston and the first ever GQB in Philadelphia.  Here’s what you should know as you head into the week:

  • As Downton Abbey releases a trailer for its fourth season, True Blood announces that this season will be its last.

  • Dialogue in Russia?  British Prime Minister David Cameron tweets that he “raised concern about gay rights” with his Russia counterpart Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit, while Obama meets with civil society and LGBT rights groups.

  • In a bit of Olympics news not related to Sochi, the International Olympics Committee has chosen Tokyo to be the site of the 32nd Olympiad in 2020, beating out Istanbul and Madrid.  And wrestling has been reinstated, too!

  • Eden Miller makes history, becoming the first (first! finally!) designer to show a plus-size line at New York Fashion Week

  • Apparently this is the song of the summer. And even though the DJ played it at Boston’s GQB on Friday, the summer is already over.

And everyone and their mother has been posting this video of an epic twerking fail.  It’s painfully addictive.

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Getting to Know: Corps Member Amanda Preston #5620

North Yarmouth, Maine

Where she now cuddles with her black Labrador, Bailey: Dorcester

The word around town is that you’re a killer hip-hop dancer. I used to teach hip-hop in Cape Town, South Africa, for a dance company called Dance For All and gave free dance lessons to townships in a one-room schoolhouse. I worked for free, and bartended in Cape Town to make money. I play for the Boston Women’s Flag Football League, and my team was so confused when I started busting out moves at socials.

How are you paying the bills these days? I’m a policy analyst for Boston Public Schools, with a focus on family and student engagement. I’m a huge stats nerd; when I’m stressed out, I make color-coded spreadsheets.

How does the job cater to your personality? I need to be challenged. If I don’t feel like something is hard for me, I get bored really easily.

What type of girl keeps you—ahem—stimulated? It can be a girl who’s girly, or tomboyish. It’s about that swag, but it can’t be just about swagger. If you’re in your late 20s but you’re set with where you are in life, that won’t work for me. I need someone who will challenge me. I’m ambitious, to a fault.

What about your pup, Bailey? Are dog lovers a must for you? Bailey’s the cutest. She sleeps in my bed every night and force cuddles. If a girl can’t handle the fact that my dog is the love of my life, you can’t date me.

Any celebrity crushes? Tegan, from Tegan and Sara. They’re identical twins, yes, but Tegan writes the lyrics that speak to my heart.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done? Well, moving to South Africa not knowing anyone was pretty adventurous. I’ve also lived in the Arctic for two months. Or doing Tough Mudder with TWC. It’s a personal growth thing. I’ve never considered myself a daredevil, but I like to set goals for myself and accomplish them.

Are you also adventurous in the kitchen? I make delicious meals with anything out of the pantry. I like feeling like I’m on [the Food Network series] “Chopped.”

What’s the drink you’ll most likely be sucking down at TWC events? Vodka and Diet Coke. 

What’s the most awesome aspect of being a Corps member? The insta-friends of random strangers that you hang out with all night. I like to make friends wherever I go, but this is built into the job description.

How would you describe TWC to an outsider? For someone that is so fem-presenting, I have to come out to everyone. That becomes my whole identity. With TWC, my sexuality doesn’t matter. I’m not the lesbian friend or gay coworker. I can be who I am.

Preston, her preferred nickname, was interrogated over strong margaritas by Corps alum Fred Durso #4042, who blogs at