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Shit Gays Should Know

Tomorrow, October 11, is the 25th National Coming Out Day. October 11, 1988, was chosen as the first National Coming Out Day because it the first anniversary of the 1987 National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. As Candace Gingrich of HRC writes, coming out today is just as important as it was 25 years ago; people who know that they know an LGBT-identified person are much more likely to be supportive of our rights. If you can, tomorrow, come out to someone who might not know: a coworker, acquaintance, or relative. Have questions? HRC’s Resource Guide for Coming Out gives advice on what to do in just about every situation.

Oh, and the logo is pure Keith Haring. Amazing.

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The Weekly Pineapple

This weekend, there will be food, there will be art, there will be beer, there will be music. Want someone to share it with? Make sure to get hitched at TWC’s speed dating event for gay men:

  • Thursday: Culture vultures already know about the Institute for Contemporary Art’s free Thursday nights. This Thursday will be especially artsy, with a talk by artist Mary Reid Kelley, whose video works feature reimagined historical narratives. 6:30-7:30pm, Institute for Contemporary Art, 100 Northern Ave., South Boston, tickets free but required.

  • Friday: TWC turns speed dating for gay men on its head. Meet 18 guys for four minutes each. Drink. Make eyes. Go home with a list of love interests and a gaggle of new friends. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet your match. 7-10pm, Clery’s, 113 Dartmouth St., Boston, $25.

  • Saturday: Pick your poison: dessert or beer. Either way, Saturday is your big day. Join the New England Dessert Showcase to satisfy your sweet tooth with tasty treats from local shops and connoisseurs. Or check out the Sustainable Business Network’s annual Local Craft Brew Fest to try tipple from local brewers, distillers, cideries, and food producers. Or go to both; they’re only a short walk through the Seaport District from each other. Dessert Showcase: 11am-5:30pm, Westin Boston Waterfront, 425 Summer St., South Boston, tickets from $30. Brew Fest: 3-6pm, Moakley Courthouse, 1 Courthouse Way, South Boston, tickets from $45.

  • Sunday: HONK. It’s a parade. It’s a concert. It’s a political movement. And it’s LOUD. Honk is a festival of brass bands from all traditions: New Orleans second line brass bands, European Klezmer, Balkan and Romani music, Brazilian Afro Bloc and Frevo, all coming together to make a whole lot of noise. Parade 12-2, from Davis to Harvard Squares on Mass. Ave., Somerville and Cambridge, free.

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Shit Gays Should Know

Where are you spending Christmas? What about New Year’s Eve? Have you bought your tickets yet? If not, you probably should. This week. It turns out that, according to Kayak, October 11 is the cheapest time to buy flights for those holidays. (If you haven’t bought tickets for Thanksgiving yet, we’re sorry: the best say was way back on September 6.) So buy soon, because prices could go up as much as 50% if you wait. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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Getting to Know: Corps Member Corey Baker #2519

Hometown: Brooklyn

Where this well choreographed Corps member now resides: Cambridge

When did the dancing bug bite you? I’ve been dancing since high school. I got into it because my high school dance teacher was so great at showing students the incredible breadth of the dance world.

What are your dancing outlets here in Boston? I dance with a few companies here in Boston: BoSoma Dance Company, Urbanity Dance, and Jazz, Inc..

What goes through your head while performing? I’m making corrections in my head, like any good dancer should.

I’m guessing you’re day job—a librarian at Milton Academy—doesn’t give you much opportunity to burst into dance. As a librarian, what excites you? I actually used to work in political and community organizing. I got interested in library science to promote access to information, yes, but also because I discovered I could use libraries as  institutions of economic and political empowerment. A good library is a tool for low-income and disenfranchised communities. How exciting is that?

What book is on your nightstand? I just opened “We Need to Talk About Kevin,” and I just finished Mindy Kaling’s book, which was hilarious.

Favorite movie? I’m generally not into movies, but I love “When Harry Met Sally…”I watch it at least once a year. I’ll definitely have what she’s having.

Speaking of romance, define your dream guy. I want him to have ambition. He’s got to be open-minded, and maybe a little adventurous. I want him to care about his health - physical, emotional, and financial (take that how you will). And he needs to be a generally happy person, like me. I can walk, I have a home, I can breathe clean air. That’s a lot of good stuff, right?.

You and some of your Corps comrades put the karaoke competition at Club Café to shame with your singing capabilities. What’s your go-to song? “Pop” by ’N Sync. I dance onstage, too. I need a song with a dance breakdown.

What song currently gets you in the partying mood? “Peanut Butter” by RuPaul. That’s my getting-ready-for-GQB song.

Describe your role at a TWC event. We chat up people, we connect them. I had this friend who came to an event and said, “The name, TWC, is so perfect because I felt so welcomed.”

Why is this “welcoming” component important to you? To make a city gay-friendly, there are a lot of things that should be available, most of which are provided by an LGBT center, which we don’t have here. We’re providing a service that no other organization seems to be doing. The mission of TWC is more than what people think it is. It’s so well thought out.


Corey demonstrated his killer moves to interviewer and Corps alum Fred Durso #4042, who blogs at

Five Things You Shouldn’t Have Missed (And One You Should’ve)


This weekend Bostons’ GQB turned 6, and to celebrate we packed every square inch of Naga in Cambridge with TWC revelers. Here’s what else happened:

  • The government is still shut down. A million people can’t go to work. But at least it’s made for some awesome pickup lines?

  • A mother disowns her son on finding out that he is gay. Good thing the boy has an awesome grandfather, who writes this letter to his daughter.

  • Are Germany’s uniforms for the Sochi Olympics gay propganda or just monstrous rainbow Michelin Man suits? You decide.

  • Gloria Steinem comes out for trans* rights in this Advocate op-ed.

  • Ballet dancers in everyday situations show us how to be graceful, and look awesome, doing pretty much everything.

And this saga just keeps going on. Can we just call a truce and take a break?

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Getting to Know: Corps Member Annie Thompson #5725

Hometown: By the beach in Los Angeles, California. (I hear all the time that I’m crazy for moving here.)

The beach-less neighborhood she now calls home: South End

Your Corps bio says you love the number 13. What’s the story behind the number?
Well, I was born on Friday October 13, my younger brother was born on my half-birthday, April 13, and my sister was born on my birthday nine years later. My college softball number was 13. I think that there is beauty in the number 13. It represents uniqueness and acceptance of the person I am regardless of what others think.

Are you equally obsessed with softball as you are with 13?
Softball is my favorite thing in the world. I’ve played for 18 years and ended up playing at Simmons College. I’m always looking for more opportunities to play!

What’s your day job?
I work in advancement and alumni relations at Simmons College.

Dream job? I would love to travel and work for women’s education and human rights. Think “Three Cups of Tea”minus the outrageous scandal.

Since you’re a baker, what’s your go-to dessert?
My specialties are definitely red velvet cupcakes and apple blackberry pies. I also baked and decorated a Harry Potter themed cake for my sister’s Bat Mitzvah a few years ago.

Name one guilty pleasure.
Red-headed slut shots.

Do you have a favorite TV show?
“Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.”

If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be?
Hillary Clinton, hands down. She is my idol. I would love to hug her and then just spend an hour with her talking about her life and everything she has been through. Maybe put glitter on her on my way out.

What are some of the highlights—or lowlights—of your worst date ever?
It was in high school and I was showing my mom’s friend’s son around. Apparently, he thought it was a date but I was not under the same impression. We went out to get sushi in Santa Monica near my house and then I dropped him off where he was staying. Before he got out of the car he sneak attacked and kissed me. My foot was on the break pedal and my car shot forward with surprise. It was awful. I called my best friend that night and came out to her. 

Sum yourself up in one word.
Eigenzinnige, which means quirky in Dutch.

Miley Cyrus: Dancing Queen or Hot Mess? 
Hot Mess. [Corps member] Steve Dyer is a much better twerker. Just sayin’.  

Name a song you can’t get enough of. 
“Roar” by Katy Perry. Guaranteed to put a smile on my face.

What makes you laugh uncontrollably?
The movie “Bridesmaids” and

What was your reason for joining the Corps?I was looking to meet new friends and help create a fun and safe space for others to have a great experience like I did. I also got to glitter people. Huge bonus. 

Was there something you learned about yourself as a Corps member?
I learned that I am more comfortable in Boston then I have been anywhere else I have lived. I am surrounded by people that love me and love glitter as much as I do. I am myself here, and The Welcoming Committee has been a big part of that.


Annie was interviewed by Corps alum Fred Durso #4142, who blogs at and can’t wait to sample her apple blackberry pie.

Shit Gays Should Know


Lorde is everywhere right now. More specifically, her newest single, “Royals,” is everywhere right now. Like, it’s probably playing on the radio as you read this. Also, there is a dubstep remix. And the requisite Pentatonix cover. Lorde is the first woman to top the US Billboard Alternative chart since Tracy Bronman in 1996, and “Royals” beat out Alanis Morissette's “You Oughta Know” for the longest reign by a woman at the top of the same chart. For a 16-year-old from suburban Auckland (yes, the one in New Zealand), she’s made it pretty big. Especially since her song is about not being rich. Oh, and her real name is Ella Yelich-O’Connor. Yeah, we like Lorde better, too.

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The Weekly Pineapple

The government is shut down, but TWC parties on. Whether or not the CDC can comment on the festivities, GQB on Friday night is going down. Check out what else is in store:

  • Thursday: Didn’t manage to score VIP tickets to Boston Fashion Week’s runway show finale? Not to worry, there are plenty more events this weekend. Check out fashion photography projected in the Cyclorama, or a student show at Copley Place.

  • Friday: GQB turns six! Join us in Cambridge, where it all began, for a night of all the usual festivities. Last month at Tequila Rain we over 800 members showed up, so get on the list to find out where we’re going this time. 9pm, Cambridge (venue announced Thursday), $5.

  • Saturday: It’s October, which can only mean one thing: Octoberfest. Boston’s Harpoon Brewery is celebrating for the 24th year with beer, bratwurst, bands, and more beer. 2-9pm, doors close at 7:30, 306 Northern Avenue, Boston, $20.

  • Sunday: The Boston Local Food Festival is bringing sustainability, local agriculture, cooking demonstrations, and, most importantly, food trucks to the Greenway this Sunday. Shop, eat, learn, enjoy. 11am-5pm, Rose Kennedy Greenway at Atlantic Ave. and Milk St., Boston, free.

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Shit Gays Should Know


Sporty gays should know that registration for the Santa Speedo Run on December 14 in Boston opens today. The event is a fundraiser for the Play Ball Foundation, which works with local kids to teach them life skills through sports. Spots fill up quick, so if you’re looking to go for a frigid run with plenty of bikinied and be-speedoed friends, sign up soon.

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Five Things You Shouldn’t Have Missed (And One You Should’ve)

Still trying to wash the glitter out of your hair from the Donkey Show? We know, it can take a few days. Here’s what happened while you were in the shower:

  • Pastagate: Barilla’s chairman says he would never feature a gay family in an ad, unleashing a big pot of backlash. Barilla’s American division apologizes. Other brands, meanwhile, reach out to gays.

  • Marriage news: George H.W. and Barbara Bush are witnesses to a gay wedding ceremony in Maine, while in New Jersey same-sex marriages could start next week. Hurry up, PA!

  • Two of our favorite memes, @horse_ebooks on Twitter and PronunciationBook on Youtube, are actually one and the same. And part of a giant art project. Which has been going on for five years. And has culminated in a video game.

  • Lesbian WNBA players receive fouls for kissing each other. On the cheek. Pretty much everyone can agree that that’s excessive.

  • Madonna’s “Secret Project” is finally revealed, and everyone goes, “Wait, what?”

And everyone has been posting this, but really, it just seems like straight people problems.  

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